fresh meat delivery

Prime cuts at your door: Fresh Meat Delivery in Dubai

In the dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Dubai, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, Yasin Khan Transport stands as the vanguard of revolutionizing fresh meat delivery logistics. As the premier UAE-based transport company, our extensive range of services includes truck rental, refrigerated truck rental, chiller van rental, freezer van rental, cargo van rental, and more. […]

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temperature controlled transport

chiller Truck in Abu Dhabi

Best Chiller, Freezer, Cooler & Refrigerated Transport Company in Abu Dhabi. Offers chiller truck in Abu Dhabi We cover all key locations in Abu Dhabi with the fleet from small cars to heavy insulated freezer trucks. Call us now at 055 1030188 to order. Chiller truck in abu dhabi There are a lot of great benefits to having

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Restaurant chiller Food Transport

Running a Restaurant Chiller Transport in Dubai is not the bed of roses. Dubai is renowned for it’s quality and fresh food restaurants. Particularly if you owned your own place and made a special menu, began to be regarded as a viable if a bit offbeat and artistic profession. Once more, don’t make an emotional

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Freezer Trucks for Caterers

Freezer Truck Hire Dubai

Looking for refrigerated box Freezer Trucks Hire in Dubai? View our large selection of refrigerated box truck rentals from Yasin Transport. The first choice to make in regards to hiring a Freezer Trucks Hire in Dubai is how much capacity you’ll want. You have to figure out your food transfers if you a catering business or a restaurant. You

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Refrigerated Transportation

Buying Freezer Trucks

Because of this exceptional nature, Buying Freezer Trucks carries a higher price tag. There are various varieties of freezer trucks to dispose various sorts of food items. These freezer trucks arrive in various configurations to suit various purposes. It is extremely essential your freezer truck is fitted with the very best cooling system to make

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Freezer Trucks for Caterers in Dubai

We believe it’s impossible to get 5-star ratings for a catering business without the help of professional Freezer Trucks for Caterers service. You are going to make sure you’ve got the best freezer trucks, timely frozen delivery, and storing capacity to meet customer satisfaction. There are two ways a caterer can cope with the challenge of

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Freezer Truck Chiller Van for 2019

The new year brings new opportunities, prosperity & hopes for the rest of the calendar year. It also brings new challenges to cope up for restaurants, hotels and catering businesses specially in UAE. We wish you a great year 2019! There are assortment of new techniques where the chiller van companies in our industry needed

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Chiller Van Rental in Dubai by Yasin Transport

While small and medium-sized food businesses operate through chiller van rental in Dubai services to transfer their food, beverages, plants, flowers, and many other things, large corporate enterprises settle on professional chiller vans to carry their frozen foods, beverages, and other items. In terms of the features of a professional chiller truck rental company in

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Chiller vans

Quality Fleet of Chiller Vans in Dubai

Chiller vans play a vital role in any catering or restaurant business. Excess raw food needs to be stored in refrigerators. Arrange your food in organize packets If you would like to deliver your food from one location to another, for instance, then you should think about the best items to put in the unit.

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