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Yasin khan Refrigerated Transport provides the comprehensive heavy/light trucks transport solution to all kind of required businesses. Our experience team of management, drivers & skilled staff are highly professional to ensure customer satisfaction through full fill their needs.

We are specialized in (Frozen / Chiller & Dry) a full service method to your individualized transportation needs.


7Yasin Refrigerated Transport offering a flexible and cost effective transport service, able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to suit customer requirements.

We have 3,4,7 and 10 ton reefer truck with tail lift without tail lift partitation without partition as per customer demand.

Our Services Includes:

Why Chiller Truck Rental Company

You may locate a range of chiller truck rental companies in UAE but you should research carefully at what level of service is available. Chiller trucks that should be transported frozen mainly is composed of meat and seafood, frozen shipments are a lot more easily transported. At...

Pro Chiller Truck Rental Dubai

Surveys show the rise in demand for chiller truck rental in UAE. If you rent a chiller truck, you’re able to easily boost the volume of your food or catering business in the event of higher moving of your food items. We move an enormous amount of food items in Dubai, Abu...

Freezer Van & Truck Rental Dubai

Chiller van service is an important part of running a successful restaurant or catering business in UAE. The 3 to 10 ton units are ideal for small businesses without plenty of space for a big standard chiller truck. Chiller vans have several compartments. Our chiller van rentals...

Freezer Truck Rental UAE

You may locate a range of freezer truck companies in UAE but you should be careful at what level of service you are going to hire. Freezer Trucks that should be used in transporting frozen food mainly is composed of meat and seafood, frozen shipments are a lot more easily...