Best Chiller Van Service in Dubai

Chiller van service is an important part of running a successful restaurant or catering business in UAE. The 3 to 10 ton units are ideal for small businesses without plenty of space for a big standard chiller truck. Chiller vans have several compartments. Our chiller van rentals are offered at all our locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & UAE. In the event to manage the workload, you can opt to hire a chiller van rental company to deliver massive food items, sea food, ice cream, cakes, chocolates etc.

The daily rental rate may also differ based on the amount of time you require the chiller van and the sum of mileage you require. If you rent a chiller van, you are able to easily boost the volume of your small business to tackle the high demand. Our chiller vans are washed on a normal basis also in order to get rid of any odor that might have been from an earlier job.

Both short and long-term chiller van rentals are available in our fleet. We adhere to meet your clients’ expectations with the appropriate chiller van rental for the job, when you require it. Trust and seek our chiller van rental to help your restaurant or catering business and rise over the rest.

Specially ice cream businesses needs highly chiller van rental service in Dubai, We have variety of chiller van types with different features, you can pick the van that provides you the frozen chiller van service and fits best for your business, whether you need food storage, we will complete your orders.

Our demonstrated chiller vans are in use all around the country by Fortune 500 companies and catering businesses alike. Its customers include several blue-chip businesses in the food distribution and catering industry. Our diverse fleet has been carefully designed to fit the requirements of large corporations and production businesses, offering all the freezer trucks and vans you require to receive the job finished.

Yasin Khan Refrigerated Transport L.L.C offer quality chiller trucks, freezer trucks & Vans Rental in Dubai. We are leading freezer trucks Rental company in Dubai. For Rentals Please Call (052) 8285243

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