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A Chiller Van Has These Benefits

Are you trying to find a refrigerated van to hire? Do you have a hard time deciding which option is best?

Temperature-controlled vehicles are becoming more and more popular each year. For transportation of food, flowers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and so on, many businesses now use refrigerated and heated vans like Chiller van.

 Vehicles provide drivers with a level of control over handling their goods and ensuring safety, security, and perfect condition for the goods they deliver. Due to budget restrictions, investing in this type of vehicle long-term isn’t always a viable option for small businesses, and in some cases, it may not be clear whether the investment will be worth it upfront.

Thus, more and more companies are turning to long-term or short-term leasing to reduce the hassle and stress associated with the process. To help you understand how refrigerated vans can benefit your business, we’ll share with you the essentials of theChiller van vehicles themselves, as well as why renting may just be the best choice for your business.

Chiller Van Rental Dubai - Chiller Van for Rent

The following are some benefits of refrigerated vans

Transportation of food is not the only use

It’s a misconception that refrigerated vans are exclusively used in the food industry. Food transportation is the primary use of refrigerator and freezer vans in the catering industry, but the versatility of refrigerated vehicles makes them useful in a wide range of other industries as well.

In particular, temperature-controlled vehicles are used heavily for the transportation of pharmaceutical goods. It’s very important to store medicines and drugs at the right temperature to avoid them getting spoiled, becoming contaminated, or becoming damaged at temperatures that are too hot or too cold.

The florist industry also relies on them as they help keep flowers fresh while they are being transported to ensure prolonged shelf life. Unsurprisingly, many cosmetics & perfumes must also be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles, so that any products such as lipsticks or perfumes do not melt. To protect delicate finishes in extreme temperatures, the same rules apply to products in many industries, such as chemicals and engineering materials, tobacco products, and even fine art & antiques.

Temperature is controlled by you

To transport perishable food and food that needs to be stored at different temperatures, the temperature of the van needs to be regulated manually. Due to this, it’s vital that you know the exact minimum freezing temperature you will have to meet before renting a vehicle, as they will all have different minimums.

While transporting different goods, the driver can easily adjust the temperature to ensure that the ideal temperature is always maintained. Most of the refrigerated vans are fitted with GAH Super Rapier Refrigeration Units, which are easily controlled by in-cab displays, with digital temperature and defrosting indicators as well as displaying a constant load space temperature.

Some of these vehicles are fitted with Thermoking V300-50 MAX Spectrum refrigeration systems.They are made of the latest in refrigeration technology, providing a high degree of efficiency, safety and reliability. These units are not just for transportation; they can also be used for commercial or domestic refrigeration.

The chiller van service offers a wide variety of chiller vans and freezer trucks suitable for your individual or business needs. “Yasin Khan Refrigerated Transport L.L.C” deals in commercial vans such as Freezer Trucks for caterers & Refrigerator trucks, Refrigerator vans, rent Chiller vans, Freezer trucks, Refrigerator vans, Chiller trucks, Refrigerator trucks, Chiller vans, Dry van, Cooler van, Ice va, Ice machine and more. Each vehicle is equipped with latest equipment and modern technologies to cater to the chilled transportation requirements of customers. All these are insured to secure the property and business.

It’s important to have a constant supply of ice cream, milk, vegetables and other perishable items to satisfy the frozen requirements of customers. Therefore, transportation is an important factor while dealing in frozen goods. The refrigeration technology offered makes it possible to bring you a large variety of transportation options to cater to the various customer demands in the city. The chiller vans are provided with storage tanks to store the products in an organized manner and also to make improvements in its quality.

The cooling and heating systems are maintained on a regular basis so that the products are kept at the right temperature. These advantages make the rental of the van a great service for food businesses. You can choose a van that best suits your company’s requirements. Most companies choose to transport food items, restaurants and hotels in this way as they prove highly beneficial and economical. The refrigeration systems installed in these vans protect the food items from getting spoiled due to any reason.

The refrigeration is provided with temperature settings that are suitable for the different types of beverages. In case of the beverages, customized chillers are provided with temperature settings that are suitable for different types of drinks like coffee, tea and chocolate. It is a better option to rent a chiller van than to buy one as a result of the cost factor.

Yasin Khan Refrigerated Transport L.L.C offers professional chiller van rental service in Dubai, UAE. We have also got freezer trucks of all sizes. We are handling transportation requirements of big hotels and restaurants in Dubai.

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